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How to protect yourself financial fraud | Indian Cyber Army

To fend off financial fraud, one can pick up some method every day. Such fraudsters then transact online money from the bank account of the consumers, sometimes they get the bank account details and pin the ATM card from the flag, and then make a duplicate credit card and buy it.

The Reserve Bank of India is not being spared in financial fraud. Such frauders often blame the common man for opening the lottery in the name of RBI. Now the WhatsApp is being used to fool customers. This message became viral on the WhatsApp  so fast, given that the RBI had to issue a cautionary warning.

Financial Frauders send emails to people in the name of RBI to trap them, in which the message is written that in your name, the RBI will make millions of crores of rupees. For this, you have to give your full name, bank account, etc. Frauders take full information from you through email. After taking the full details of your bank account, he manipulates money with your account from fraud.

How to protect financial frauds

  • Under the Banking Codes and Standard Board of India (BCSBI), as soon as the customer is found guilty of fraud, he should give the information to his bank. They can tell the bank about this by  phone, email or self. They should also take anonymization from the bank.

  • Custodians should first look at their bank account constantly. If they are aware of any wrong transactions, then the information should immediately be given to the bank. It is not easy for the bank to check the records even after the delay. '

  • Be sure to link your mobile number to a bank account and a card. With this, whenever your card is swipe or money is withdrawn, an alert message is available on mobile. This helps you take immediate action in case of any wrong transaction.

  • Details of Grievance Redressal Policy have been given on all banks' websites. You should follow this in the face of fraud. After informing the bank on the phone, you can do replication. If you do not get a satisfactory response from the bank about this, then the nodal officer can be knocked out. If you do not get a reply from the nodal officer in 30 days then you can complain with the Banking Ombudsman.

  • If the customer is not happy with the bank's inquiry, then he should go to the Banking Ombudsman. The customer can do this after 30 days of lodging the complaint with the bank. In such cases, the Banking Ombudsman takes the opinion of both sides and he can give his order 60 days or earlier.

To prevent such fraud, RBI and banks continue to issue warnings from time to time and consumers are advised to avoid this. Understand that the RBI never calls directly to the bank account holders. Actually RBI regulates the financial sector. Under this, the bank decides the rules for financial institutions, etc. He is not involved in any kind of reward, lottery etc. RBI has said that no such app has been prepared so far which is what is being used by app.

In this case, the RBI issued a warning and said that the name of the app is 'All Bank Balance Inquiry' in the viral message on the Whatsapp app. The message is being spread through this app that the bank account holder can know the entire information and balance of your account at the same place. The Reserve Bank has clearly said that no such application is related to it. In such a way, people do not come in its hoax. These people can fraudulently take full details of the account from you through the app.

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