Monday, 18 December 2017

Indian Cyber Army to Prevent Cyber Bullying!!!

Cyberbullying :
Some people don’t even hear about this word so I want to share information about cyberbullying. Some people targeted by cybercriminals for cyberbullying.

First of all, I want to tell you about Cyber Bullying:- The meaning of cyberbullying is the use of abusive language to threaten people, upload their vulgar picture, Posting rumors or negative comments on the internet. Cyberbullying is done with help on internet where Females, teen or kids are mostly targeted.

How cyber criminals reached to those people?How we can secure them from cyber bully’s and what can we do when we have targeted? Why it happens?

We will tell you, As we know that from teenagers to old age people all are connected with the internet because the internet is the fastest medium to share or express anything. The internet is good medium but it has the negative impact as well, cyber bullying is one of them.
                                Kids are mostly affected by cyber bullying because parents don’t pay attention to their kids. It is the responsibility of parents to monitor what their kids doing on the internet. It's important for parents to respond carefully to their kids with friendly behavior and ask about any issue related to them and teach them how to use the Internet safely.

Parents must share knowledgeable information with their kids regarding bad or good activities on the internet.  Kids must have to share the problem with their parent's otherwise unwanted things happened and these unwanted activities may cause depression. So it is the responsibility of kids also to inform their parents. Females can also take some precaution like when she uses the internet they must apply privacy option, verify the person as he or she is known or not and if there is any type of activity happen then she must tell to her family.

Indian Cyber Army has solved lakhs of cases related to cyber frauds (like cyber bullying) It is the only organization who help the cyber victims by providing them proper guidance and assistance.

If you need any help, We are always there to help you. If you are a victim of cybercrime don’t worry just pick your phone and dial our cyber crime helpline number  +919968600000.

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