Saturday, 30 December 2017

India’s Perspective: Need of Ethical Hacker’s in India

The word hacker has always been associated with a negative meaning. In actual “hacker’ is someone who can build stuff and solve real-life problems. It’s essential to get highlighted with difference between a hacker and a cracker; a cracker is someone who is adept in security breaking whereas a hacker is someone expert in preventing such incidents.
With the rapid spread out of cyber-crime it has become difficult for companies to protect their critical data and security systems from the external threats coming in from the web. These companies are unaware to cope with this crime or don’t have a cyber-incident response plan ready with them.
Companies and start-up ventures in India are not exposed or rather vulnerable to cyber-attacks or crimes. They must be aware and need strong security measures to safeguard their business with safety plug-ins.
An ethical hacking has becoming a valued skill in India. A vast number of Indian sites are hacked by cyber-criminals every year including few government firms. A survey conduct across various industries has stated that companies perceive or live through cyber crime as a major threat to their business. Almost all companies have been encountered with some sort of cyber-attack.
Cyber security and digital networking are the two fastest-growing domains or sectors where ethical hacking is required. Below are listed some steps highlighting the need of ethical hackers in India:
  • Ethical hackers play the role of third-party unbiased perspective for the security framework of companies by helping them in securing their daily operations and give them a third eye view of their security systems.
  • Ethical hackers are required by financial service providers, airline sector, retail chains and hotels in finding any vulnerability that might exist in network and effective measures to fix them.
  • Ethical hackers work as consultant for various organizations in assisting them by defining their security model with lapses and lope holes in their security pattern or system.
  • The sensitive information like medical records, operation files, power plant controls or security, missile weapon systems etc are all the time at risk. To cope with all this competent ethical hackers are call of an hour to deal with the threats coming in
  • Banking and telecom firms are often persistent to the security lapses leading easy escape routes for many cyber-criminals. Hence the safeguard of the data evokes the need of proactive ethical hackers.
  • The health care providers and firms need confidentiality and security of protected health information being transferred, received, handled or shared by them. Henceforth the ethical hackers are needed to conduct the follow-up procedures ensuring the safety and security of their data.
  • Companies in order to secure themselves from cyber-security vulnerability threats need the ethical hackers by getting fully secured in their professional functioning and smooth assessment operations.
  • The ethical hackers help in real time assessment of risks in protecting the intellectual property rights of the companies as a whole by focusing on the offensive part of the security.
Ethical hackers help the country to be strategically strong in IP protection, for natural defense and huge public sector projects etc.

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