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Top Way to keep Your iPhone secure from Cyber Crime

Security remains to be the key for iPhone users. It has been one of those aspects which keeps it ahead of the basic Android smartphones. After the launch of iPhone X, Apple has taken mobile security to an all new level. From face unlock to high-level cloud security, iPhones now have it all. iPhone users too remain concerned about their device's security as nobody in their sane state would leave something insecure for which they've stashed so much money.
However, the negative scenarios in the cyber world do not leave the iPhones apart. Cyber crimes are as usual for iPhone users as they are for the Android users. The difference being the greater impact a security breach has on an iPhone. Many iPhone users report cyber crime after falling prey to cyber crimes they could have easily avoided. To counter the cyber crimes and keep your iPhone secure, it is thus necessary to be aware of the basic security measures that protect your device. Thus, we have come up with these basic tips that will help you keep your iPhone secure against all the cyber threats spread across the digital world.

1.  Do not connect your iPhone to Public Computers.

iPhones are much more vulnerable to malwares than other smartphones. They easily get infected by malwares like WireLurker that spread through infected computers. These malwares steal files from the infected devices. Public computers are not much trustworthy and may be infected with any such malware. On connecting with them, iPhones are likely to get infected instantly. So, to keep your iPhone malware protected, make sure the computer you connect your device to is completely trustworthy.

2. Install all iOS updates regularly.

Many iPhone users believe the iOS they use is completely flawless and can't be broken through. Back in November 2015, Zerodium had announced that iOS 9 was successfully hacked by a group of researchers. They received a $1 billion bounty to keep the breach under the carpet. However, that shattered the myth of iOS being completely secure. Thus, to keep your iPhone secure, it is necessary to keep updating. Updates make the hackers keep guessing and ensure that your device remains secure. By the time hackers are able to find a way through, another update comes up and makes their efforts worthless.

3. Do not open mails from unknown senders.

Though Apple has updated its mail system making it more reluctant to malicious mails, it is not entirely capable of identifying all of them. Phishing is the latest trend in hacking world and caution is the only way of tacking it. Malicious mails are the most prominent methods of phishing. Links in these mails install malwares on your device that hack your device completely. To stay protected from all the cyber crime threads spread across the internet, do not open any malicious mails from any unknown sender. Even if the sender looks genuine but unknown, do not open the mail.

4. Use unique and Strong Passwords/Passcodes for all your accounts.

The more unique your password, the more difficult it is to hack it. The strength of your passwords and passcodes directly reflect the strength of your entire security system. If possible, use different passwords for different accounts and use a password manager to keep a note of all those passwords. Strong Passwords are the best way to prevent a physical theft or security breach. Though inconvenient, this method helps you keep your device secure to a great extent.

5. Use durable VPNs.

People using open networks like public WiFi at shopping malls, colleges, or other public places leave their device exposed for hackers to pounce upon. The risk of your device getting affected by cyber attacks is way higher when connected to an open network. Various cyber security threads on the internet point out the importance of taking security as priority while using internet on your iPhone. The best security measure thus available are VPNs. To help your device remain safe, VPNs like ExpressVPN and Total VPN offer some great services. So, probably before the next time you visit ICA's website, do get a VPN installed on your device.

6. Research about an App before installing it.

Most of the iPhone users believe that apps available on Apple store are 100% secure. That myth was left shattered when Palo Alto Networks revealed that 39 apps in App store were infected by XcodeGhost, a malware that helps hackers perform phishing through its remote control functionalities. That formulated a new theory that third-party apps can install malwares on your iPhone and thus a little research before installing any app is necessary if you want to stay malware protected.
It won't be wrong to call iPhones the smartest amongst the smartphones currently available and thus it is pretty difficult to keep them the way they are supposed to be kept. It is difficult for people though to enjoy all of iPhone's smart features without bothering about its security.
Indian Cyber Army tries its best to make everyone aware of all the cyber crime activities spread on the internet and make their stay in the digital world a pleasant one. Security is a key aspect for every iPhone user and thus keeping it intact becomes a major priority. We, at the Indian Cyber Army, are always available to help you out with all sorts of cyber security issues. You can easily reach out to us through our cyber crime helpline number +91 99686 00000 and get your queries sorted.

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