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How to Keep Your Personal Information safe | Indian Cyber army

Today, we are all connected to some technology in some way. Today, most people use Internet computer, mobile etc. Many people go unknowingly to make such mistakes which come under cybercrime. Today you will learn about cyber crime, what cybercrime happens, how many cybercrimes are, and many other things.

First of all, we will talk about what is cyber crime or crime. If we say it in simple terms, "cyber crime is a crime in which any person using computer, internet, software and other means of harm is called cyber crime or crime" Steal or erase information.

Misuse of technology under cyber crime, stealing personal information about someone's bank, manipulating someone's information, misusing someone's identity, (like many people make Facebook ID using someone else's identity Let's get cheated online. All these things come under cyber crime

Common method of cyber crime
  •      Phishing scam
  •      social media frauds
  •      Email spoofing
  •      AD Clicker
We will now learn about some of the methods of cyber crime that are commonly used by cyber-criminals. We should be aware of these methods so that we can maintain our security for some extent.


This method is most commonly used because it is the simplest way. The id passwords of any account can be detected by this method. In the phishing method, to know about the id password of any platform, the duplicate page of that platform is created. Whenever someone logs in with a duplicate page, its id password reaches the hacker.

Viruses & Worms

All the computer viruses will be aware of this. These are also used for the purpose of erasing any data, stealing, and so on. There are many types of viruses that depend on your coding, how they work through entering your computer. Some viruses

AD Clicker

Ad Clicker is a method in which victim is lured as if you have won gift click to take it, many such advertisements come in. Many users fall in greed and fall into their trap. After this hacker easily access his device and then many more information, data is stolen. Many more Cyber Pornography, Cookie stealer, Online Gambling.

Email spoofing

The trend of unwanted business messages on the Internet is increasing rapidly, so the use of misinformation in message headings is common. It is also known as spoofing. For example, a message indicates that he came from ABC (ABC@wingift.com) of win gift, while in fact it came from a bulk email service that promoted plans to make rich quick is. Therefore, before you send someone a message of anger about his message, remember that such a false identity.

Cyber bullying

Making uncompromising comments on social networking like Facebook, threatening the internet, making someone joke up to this level that gets fed up, embarrassing others in front of the Internet, is called cyber bullying. Often children are victims of this.

Ways for protecting your personal Information safe.

Now I am going to tell you some tips from people who can help us avoid getting caught in cybercrime-

Network Hacking

Many times we get to see the open wifi network on the public place, many users connect their device thinking free. Many hackers easily steal the data using wifi, so do not use free wifi unless you are sure that the wifi you are going to use is secure.

Phishing attack

To avoid a phishing attack, whenever you see the https before you log in to any account, if you get to see the https in the url, then you are secure. Especially note during bank-related transactions.

Cyber bullying

If someone gets you a mental injury by sending an incorrect message or shares someone's personal information without the permission of the Internet on others, then it is a punishable offense under the IT Act. Under which, the person who has done so may have to pay a fine of 2 to 3 years and fine up to Rs. 1 lakh to 5 lakh rupees. You can complaint to cyber crime helpline number. If any one message or profile is being harassed on the social media, then you can complain about the his/her message and comment then take photo or print out and give it to the police station.

Social media

On the social media many people are connected who we know and some whom we do not know to avoid hacking social media profiles You keep changing your passwords frequently because it makes strong profile  and apply mobile number verification security  it becomes difficult to hack.

About our Organization

Indian Cyber ​​Army is an organization that fights cyber crime and helps people who suffer from cyber crime. Such as money fraud, hacking someone's profile on Facebook and many other social media sites and Uploading obscene things or doing dirty commits, stealing someone's data and asking for money from them. Our organization has started a Cyber Crime  helpline number  +919968600000 by which people can tell their problems or also mail us  Our email id is cybercell@ica.in.

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