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Most Common Cyber Threats and its Solutions!!!

You heard a lot about cybercrime, but what is it?
In s imp le words it can be said that”Cyber Crime is an offense done by the means of computer and, network with a criminal motive to int entionall y harm the reputation of the victim or harassing for money.Cybercrime has become a real threat to national and international security.
It is necessary for you to know about the types of Cyber Threats so that you can be aware of what are its impact and how to save yourself  from cyber crimes.

Types of Cyber Threats:-

Hijacking – Hijacking is a security attack in networks  where attackers take over  the control of communication  between two parties who believe that they are talking to each other  but it is in the control  of the attacker who is directly relays message to the victims.This attack could be to take over the control  of messaging or to modify messages before sending.Hijacking is also done to take over control of computers to st eal the data know as computer hijacking.
How to avoid  Hijacking?
·         Backup data regularly.
·         Use a virtual private network.
·         Encrypt data

Malwares - Malware, or malicious software, is any program or file that is harmful to a computer user or in other words it can be said acting against the requirements of the computer users. Malware includes ransomware ,computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses and spyware. Malware is used against government or individuals to steal the important informations or to distract their operations in general.Various virus and worms have been designed to take control of user’s computers for illicit purposes.ransomware attack is biggest example of Malwares.It is a malicious software that blocks the system and make them inaccessible.
How to avoid  Malwares?
To avoid malware is to use  update antivirus protection taken from trusted companies.

E-Mail scam – Email scams are knowns as Email fraud.It is done to defraud people for personal  gain by spoofing emails,phishing for data etc.Email Frauds are happened to those people who wanna become rich in easy schemes,these mails take them in confidence with there attractive offers which are known as bogus offers.But people are attracted  have lost their  money in such bogus offers through mails.Email spoofing is done by sending mails by faking the real sender or can be said pretending be someone else .Some mails are done phishing for data like some spoofing mails come on the name of banks requiring bank details and victim fill the details  and result is the loss of money.
How to avoid  E-Mail scam?
Filter spam and  avoid any links with the mail.Avoid rich making offers sent on messages  and mails as they are mostly scams.Treat email attachment with caution.
Phishing –Phishing is a cyber crime done by spoofing emails,text messages,websites etc  to tempt individual giving personal identifiable informations,bank details , credit card details or passwords.Getting access to such information could lead to identity theft and financial loss.
How to avoid  Phishing?
If there is a link in an email, check  the URL first. Secure websites with a valid Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate begin with “https”. Always contact the company before filling any card or bank details.
Botnets - A botnet is a cyber crime which include PCs, servers, mobile devices that are connected to internet which is infected and controlled by a common type of malware.These infected devices are controlled by cyber criminals to performs there malicious functions and the victims remains unaware about its device is controlled by someone else.Botnet is generally  done for email fraud, generate malicious traffic  for distributed denial-of-service attacks.
How to avoid  Botnets?
Botnet  infections usually spread by malicious softwares. Once a bot has been detected on a computer it should be removed as quickly as possible using security software with botnet removal functionality.
Social Engineering – Social engineering is a method to psychologically manipulate the person and taking him in confidence so that he could give his confidential information.This is done to fraud or to gather informations or to have system control by installing malicious softwares.
How to avoid Social Engineering ?
If a mail or message  comes  on the name of any company first research  on the name of company,check mail address or company website and contact on there number.Don’t  give any information asking for  personal informations.
Spywares- Spywares  are the softwares installed in users computers without knowing and used as tracking softwares or to gather information about individual or organization criminals send such information to victim device that’s asserts the control over the device in the hands of attackers.

How to avoid spyware ?
Be careful  whatever software you download from internet  is from trusted license company and beware of the clickable advertisements.Watchout for anti spyware spams you install  because it could become more worse.

If still you become a victim of cybercrime,you don’t need to worry as Indian Cyber Army is fully committed to working with the Government, Policy Makers & Individuals to ensure a Positive Impact on Reducing Cyber Crimes & Attacks.Indian Cyber Army is working with a motto to make cyber crime free india.

INDIAN CYBER ARMY is an registered non profit organization and resource center for National Police Agencies, Ethical Hacking, Intelligence Agencies, Research Centers, Industry Experts, Government Agencies, Academic Leaders along with Individuals to deal against cyber threats.

Indian Cyber Army has solved thousands of cyber crime cases .For this Indian Cyber army has started its helpline services so that anyone who got  affected by cyber crime can contact us on our cyber crime helpline number +919968600000,so that we could assist them and solve their issues  as. The Indian Cyber Army is a legion group that handles all complex and sensitive cases of cyber crime including those in which victims are women and children.

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